WellnessPro+ . . . Info
What makes WellnessPro+ the #1 choice of health care professionals worldwide? 

•Easiest to use on the market
•FDA 510(k) cleared to market
•New "Deep Pulse" technology for deeper frequency delivery to problem areas.
•No more confusing charts, tables or channels.
•The "Quick Start Chart" allows you to begin using the unit as soon as you open
     the package.
•Forgot how to use your unit? The Built in "i-Guide" prompt system walks 
     you through all steps of usage and programming. 
•Digital Intensity controls.
•Ergonomic design with fully custom programmable functions for simple or 
     advanced use.
•Select your own frequencies! 1 Million to choose from!
•Select any combination of the five wave types such as Burst, Spectrum, Sweep, 
     Duplex or Continuous.
•Create your own auto code programs.
•1000 Pain auto codes to choose from.